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Yes, I do other workshops too.  They rise mostly out of the issues of “life”. Want to book me for your organization? Contact me here.

Common Law Issues

In BC the term “common law” is not used.  Instead a “spousal relationship” begins the day you move in together and becomes “official” after two years (2013 legislation).  You share any property that accrued in the course of your relationship – but not property brought into the relationship.  On the other hand, appreciated value on something like a house during the relationship is shared if you separate. (You can also make a legal written agreement to opt out of these rules.)  You are also responsible for all “family debt responsibilities”.  This includes all debts, whether for you or your spouse that were taken on during the relationship, no matter whose name the debt is in.  They include mortgages, loans from family members, bank lines of credit, credit cards, etc.  Who accrued “the  most debt” or the “highest” contribution to the “family” income does not matter.  (On the other hand, any inheritances that came during the spousal relationship do not have to be shared.)

As with all of my blog, advice things….see a lawyer because I’m not one, and don’t take any responsibility for being wrong.  For example, I have checked all over because I was sure that BC had changed the rules to be a year, not two years, but can’t find where I got that opinion from.  The summary above comes from BC government websites you might want to check out.

My big question is still, “If my child lived with someone for 2 years, does he/she have to get some kind of “official divorce” before he/she can marry again?”  Officially divorce? No answer yet.  Anyone know?

5 Tips for the Best Garage Sale Signs for BC’s Rainy Weather

  1. Buy 6 white foam core boards at a dollar store – they are the size of poster paper.
  2. Print words big enough to be read from a car passing at 30 k. The most important words are garage sale, and the dates (ie. Saturday, March 5). Other parts can be a bit smaller (address, time), but should still be big. Leave room to attach balloons, and a big red arrow.
  3. Print 6 copies at a time, and paste them on your signs all at once. Total time, about 25 minutes. One goes in front of your house, one at each end of your street, and 3 more strategically located where the traffic flow would lend itself to them coming to your home.
  4. NOW paste large red arrows onto each sign, facing the direction needed to get to your house.
  5. Attach 4 colourful dollar store balloons. You will need about 3 dozen altogether, to have plenty for your yard as well.

Voila! it looks great, like your sale will be. AND these signs will not collapse in the rain, plus your core board is available for next year’s sale, because you will have so much fun at this one.


Three Tips for Garage Sale Fun

  1. Use colourful dollar store balloons to decorate your signs and your yard. This is a $4 investment in a sense of fun and light-heartedness that will help open pockets.
  2. Bring out the boombox (or equivalent) and play peppy background music with a bounce to create the spending mood. “Buy my stuff. It’s fun.”
  3. Have a “free” table – and add things to it once in a while. Remember that part of your objective is simply to get things off your yard.

6 Songs for Your Garage Sale

Really? Yes. You’ll be spending a day in your yard. It should be fun for you and your customers/ guests. Intersperse the peppy songs that you should have to create a bouncy, money spending mood, with some songs specifically about money. This will help you concentrate on the objective which is to get at least some money for your stuff.

  1. How Much Is That Doggy in the Window (Patti Page) – ok. really hokey and old, but nice.
  2. If I Had a Million Dollars (Bare Naked Ladies) – to help you think about the things you could do for others with your money
  3. Money Can’t Buy Me Love (The Beatles)
  4. Money, That’s what I Want (Barret-Strong) – now this one is directly on your objective for the day is to exchange your stuff for money
  5. Money, Money, Money – ABBA – well really about how money rules the world, to help you think about getting some of it for yourself.
  6. Money, Money, Money, Money (the Donald Trump theme song) – Maybe not, unless you want it to be kind of an ironic statement.

So actually these are songs that are sort of about what money cannot do for you -but still it will be fun for you when you hear them, and they can remind you not to be too attached to your stuff.

3 Things Not to Say At Your Garage Sale

So you paid $120 for it and it’s almost pristine. You have priced it at $20. Now someone comes along and says, with a straight face, “Will you take $3 for it.” Here are 3 things NOT to say:

  1. Get off my yard. Don’t ever come back.
  2. I would rather crush it beneath my feet than sell it to you.
  3. Really? So you want me to sell it to you for $3 so you can sell it on Craigsist for $20. What a cheapskate. (Raise voice). Hey everybody, look here, you know what this cheapskate offered for this item (hold up item) $3.


One thought on “Lifestyle Tips

  1. Hi Diana
    Just attempted to enroll in your Downsizing course at West Van Seniors’ Centre and was told it was full. Is there any chance of adding on those of us who are now on a wait list? I NEED HELP!!! My email is and phone is 604-926-5403.

    Deanna Illingworth

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