Who is Diana?

Well, I’ve taught at elementary and secondary levels and spoken across BC, Alberta , and the Yukon – but also Hawaii, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle,Chicago, New Orleans, and Orlando.  I’ve received over $600,000 in grants in my life – without that ever being part of my job.  I’ve written or co-authored 5 books and over 30 teacher units, and designed and written 4 travelling festivals.  I’ve won 5 awards, and have a great husband, son, daughter-in-law, and 2 grandchildren.

My practical workshops have always been enthusiastically received with detailed (and original) handouts.


If you’re here you want more fresh ideas for teaching writing. It’s about journals, picture book inspiration, vocabulary, oral language, research…lots of curriculum connections.

If you use my “stuff”, would you mind telling me for what grade, how you adapted, etc.? I don’t have a class so student examples would also be stellar.



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