Hello Muddah Hello Faddah!

Sherman HelloMuddahThe hit parade novelty song by Allan Sherman made into a children’s book. The book tells, in song, the tale of the letter from camp, and asking his parents to please bring him home immediately. It ends with the sun breaking out and him asking his parents to “kindly disregard this letter.”

Allan Sherman and Lou Busch, Dutton Children’s Books, ©2004, ISBN 0-525-46942

Writing the Complaining Letter

Hello Muddah! Hello Faddah! can be used to introduce the writing of the friendly letter. In this case, the author is a boy at campy who wants to be brought hom immediately and gives many reasons why his parents should not leave him there, before discovering that he really likes it. This is a picture book version of Allan Sherman’s famous song of the same name. Students could practice writing letters in a similar voice imagining they have moved to a different neighbourhood, joined a different baseball team, gone to a new school…any experience could precipitate the letter.

Comparing Hello Muddah! Hello Faddah! to Dear Mrs. LaRue

In Dear Mrs. LaRue, the dog, Ike, has been sent to Obedience School. Each day he describes the problems with the school and asks to come home. Using a Venn Diagram, students could compare the two books, and then, perhaps use that draft material to write a comparison of their own.

For 4 writing ideas, click Hello Muddah! Hellow Faddah! to download.


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