Lipman Pike

Lipman PikeLipman Pike is credited with being the first professional baseball player (then called “base”).  This is the story of his childhood, the development of his skills, the aspirations his father had for him, and how he came to be the first “professional” baseball player.

Richard Michelson, Sleeping Bear Press, ©2010, 978-1-58536-465-7

The History of a Sport

Working in small groups, students could investigate the origins of various common sports. This can be turned into a quick class presentation from each group with students sharing the task of presenting. If each group prepares an outline, a portion can be assigned to each member. If you have time, this oral language experience could become an illustrated Powerpoint. Sample sports could include:

  • basketball
  • football
  • hockey
  • golf
  • tennis
  • soccer
  • polo
  • badminton

Racing a Horse

As a listening skill, ask the students to listen for the number of times that someone in the story mentions that they think Lipman Pike could outrun a racehorse. When you finish, agree together on the number, and then tell them that he did once race a horse and won.

For 5 creative writing ideas, click Lipman Pike to download.


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